Karen Academy & Orphanage – Meet the Kids: David Mulwani

Meet the Kids: David Mulwani At Karen Academy, supported by ForAfricanJews.org, we are dedicated to nurturing and educating the next generation of leaders within the African Jewish community. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive education that blends secular and Jewish teachings, empowering our students with knowledge, skills, and values for life. David Mulwani’s Story Today, we are excited to … Read More

Exploring African Jewry: Well-Known and Emerging Jewish Communities

A collage depicting various African Jewish communities including Ethiopian Jews, South African Jews, Moroccan Jews, Igbo Jews, Lemba Jews, and Abayudaya Jews with a map of Africa in the background.

Jewish history in Africa is a rich tapestry woven from diverse cultures, traditions, and migrations. While many are familiar with prominent Jewish communities on the continent, there are also lesser-known groups that contribute to the vibrant mosaic of African Jewry. This blog explores both the well-known and emerging Jewish communities in Africa, highlighting their unique characteristics and contributions to global … Read More

Karen Academy March 2024 Report

Karen Nursery and Primary School is a Jewish school located in Nakagyo Trading Center, Buyengo Town Council, Jinja District. The first term of the year 2024 commenced on February 2, 2024, with teachers Jalia, Nandala, and Gyofry. The term ran for a week before Teacher Joseph, who became the headteacher of our school, joined the staff on February 12, 2024. … Read More

A Sister’s Legacy: The Launch of ‘For Our African Jews’

The Purity Project

It is with a mix of profound sorrow and indomitable hope that we announce the launch of ‘For Our African Jews’, a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting African Jews from different countries and cultures and supporting their needs. This initiative is the brainchild of Simcha-Chaya Ben Avraham, a woman whose dedication to her cultural heritage and religious practices is only … Read More