Karen Academy March 2024 Report

Karen Nursery and Primary School is a Jewish school located in Nakagyo Trading Center, Buyengo Town Council, Jinja District. The first term of the year 2024 commenced on February 2, 2024, with teachers Jalia, Nandala, and Gyofry. The term ran for a week before Teacher Joseph, who became the headteacher of our school, joined the staff on February 12, 2024. Two weeks later, additional teachers joined, significantly enlarging our staff.


We held an academic meeting on March 16, 2024, with our esteemed board of directors, which includes Kasakya, Jacob, Mugema, and Loko Avaran. Our staff discussed ways to enhance Karen’s status as a vibrant school, contributing to the advancement of the Nakagyo community and surrounding areas.


We began with 20 children in the nursery, and now we have 23, of which 11 are Jews. The nursery enrollment is divided into 6 middle and 12 top, totaling 41 children: 9 orphans, 11 Jews, and 21 with parents. There are 21 girls and 20 boys.

In Primary One, we started with 10 children and now have 12: 3 Jews, 9 orphans, and 1 with parents, with a gender breakdown of 7 boys and 5 girls.

Primary Two began with 6 children and now has 9: 1 Jew, 3 orphans, and 5 with parents, consisting of 3 girls and 6 boys.

Primary Three has a total of 25 children: 5 orphans, 10 Jews, and 10 with parents, with 13 boys and 12 girls.

Primary Four started with 12 children and now has 20: 3 Jews, 11 orphans, and 6 with parents, with a breakdown of 9 boys and 11 girls.

We currently have a total of 107 children enrolled. Additionally, there are nearly 200 children on the waiting list who could join us if we can secure the necessary funds.


On March 7, 2024, Fatuma Nakagori from Innovation Africa, one of the well-wishers of Karen Nursery and Primary School, visited us. The Headteacher has been actively supervising the teachers. Director Loko Avaran has provided substantial support to the staff with the resources available.


All teachers, children, and non-teaching staff members receive meals, including breakfast, lunch, and special Kabalat Shabbat meals. Teachers and non-teaching staff receive weekly allowances and monthly wages, which has significantly boosted morale. However, one teacher has not received their monthly payments.


All students have received necessary academic services, except for absentees. Teachers have been encouraged to break down concepts into manageable lessons, aiding student comprehension. Under the Headmaster’s guidance, teachers are evaluating students through homework and weekly assessments, with plans to introduce term examinations to enhance academic performance. Efforts to eliminate vernacular speaking are underway, with the Director teaching Hebrew and Judaic studies.


We aim to encourage the use of English and Hebrew for communication within the school. Plans include home visits to local communities to increase enrollment and continuous professional development for teachers to improve content delivery. Director Loko Avaran will continue providing Jewish teachings to strengthen both the school and the Nakagyo community.


The absence of school uniforms has affected public perception and security among students. Additionally, late and insufficient payments have demoralized some staff members.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to our donors and all supporters of Karen Nursery and Primary School for their generous contributions across financial, academic, and social spectrums.

Thank you,

Loko Avaran

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