Who we are

As a nonprofit organization, For African Jews is dedicated to supporting Jews living in Africa and preserving their cultural heritage. Our mission is to empower African Jews by providing a range of resources for support, connection, education, and celebration. This includes offering financial assistance to pre-screened individuals in need, such as the elderly and those facing burial expenses. We also strive to assist suitable candidates in finding remote job opportunities, providing mentorship and educational programs, and access to necessities such as food. Additionally, we celebrate Jewish heritage and observe holidays through tutorials, crafts, and other activities, preserving the unique cultural traditions of African Jews. By building a supportive community and fostering connections, we aim to help African Jews thrive and celebrate their identity.

'Purity Project': The Birth of 'For Our African Jews'

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We build connections.

We push for financial independence in our communities by working with local businesses and city officials to provide, jobs, training and professional development.

We help others.

Youth engagement,  giving hope and opportunities to the future generation as well as taking care of the elderly and less fortunate in our communities.

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