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Step 1: Fund

Your donation will support our efforts to promote and advocate for support of African Jewry, as well as provide resources for education and learning about African Jewish culture and traditions.

Step 2: Help

Make a difference: Your contribution will go towards improving the lives of the less fortunate, youth, and elderly members of our community.

Step 3: Repeat

Set up a recurring donation to ensure a continuous impact and support our cause on a long-term basis.

Get Involved..and Donate!

At For African Jews, we believe that every community deserves the opportunity to thrive, and we need your help to make that a reality for African Jews. High unemployment rates and other challenges threaten the vitality of this rich and diverse community, but we know that together, we can make a difference. By supporting our mission to preserve the cultural heritage of African Jews and help build self-sustaining communities, you can make a real impact in the lives of community members. Your donation can help provide education, job training, and other resources that can lead to meaningful, sustainable employment and a brighter future. Join us in creating a world where every community can reach its full potential.