The Eve of Passover: A Story of Unity and Faith

Store re-imagined from Barak Hullman’s “An Erev Pesach Visitor (Baal Shem Tov Story) and Previous Pesach Stories”

In the bustling city of Addis Ababa, where the vibrant Jewish community thrives, a remarkable event unfolded on the eve of Passover, a festival steeped in remembrance and renewal. Rabbi Yosef Cohen, a respected leader in the Ethiopian Jewish community, was preparing his home for the annual Seder night. The air was filled with anticipation and the aromatic scents of traditional foods.

As Rabbi Cohen and his family were busy with the final preparations, there was an unexpected knock at the door. It was Rabbi Moshe, a wise and elderly rabbi from a neighboring village, known for his deep knowledge and kind heart. Despite the surprise and the chaotic timing, Rabbi Cohen welcomed him with open arms, embodying the Passover spirit of hospitality.

The Cohen household, though abuzz with activity, made room for Rabbi Moshe at their Seder table. In the warmth of flickering candles and the glow of unity, Rabbi Moshe shared a poignant story from his past, one that resonated deeply with the themes of Passover.

Years ago, Rabbi Moshe was appointed as the leader of his community, a role he inherited under challenging circumstances. The previous rabbi had passed away, and the community was in dire need of guidance. Although honored, Rabbi Moshe felt the weight of responsibility heavily upon his shoulders. To assist in his duties, he hired a judge, a knowledgeable but harsh man who, unbeknownst to Rabbi Moshe, took advantage of his position by accepting bribes and undermining Rabbi Moshe’s authority.

This situation came to a head during one memorable Passover when Rabbi Moshe decided to confront the judge. The festival, which should have been a time of joy and community, was overshadowed by this moral dilemma. However, in true Passover spirit, the resolution came through reflection, repentance, and renewal—themes that echo the very essence of the holiday.

As Rabbi Moshe concluded his tale, the guests at Rabbi Cohen’s Seder were moved by the profound lessons interwoven with the Passover story. The narrative was not just about the ancient Israelites’ journey from slavery to freedom but also about personal liberation and ethical leadership.

The evening progressed with the traditional reading of the Haggadah, singing of songs, and sharing of insights. Each element of the Seder meal was infused with greater meaning, inspired by Rabbi Moshe’s experiences and the collective heritage of the Jewish people.

As the night deepened, Rabbi Cohen reflected on the significance of the gathering. In a world often divided, the Passover Seder stood as a testament to the power of faith, community, and the enduring spirit of the Jewish people. It was a night of renewal, not just for those present but for the entire community, reaffirming their commitment to live by the values of compassion, justice, and mutual respect.

This Passover, like every other, was a reminder that no matter the challenges faced, the community would always come together, drawing strength from their shared history and hopeful for a future of peace and freedom.

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